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Conspiracy Chocolate
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The Sourdough brings you an explosion of flavour. First, the crunch of the sourdough bread give a strong and satisfying first impression reinforced by a touch of sourness from the starter (thank you Giorgio) and completed with a hint of sea salt. What is there not to like? This bar will leave you wanting more...


Ingredients: cacao beans (Dak Lak), organic raw cane sugar, sourdough bread (wheat flour), salt

Percentage: 75%

Nutritional information (per 100g): Energy 554 Kcal/2304 kj - Protein 9.9g - Total fat 40.6g - Saturated fat 24.7g - Trans fat 0g -Total carbohydrates 44.8g - Dietary fibre 7.5g - Sugars 24.0g - Sodium 14mg

Weight: 50g

Vegan, contains gluten