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How to choose the right pair of shoes!

It’s always hard to find the right pair of shoes that suits you the best. Maria Bogush, founder of M-Duo International Ltd., shared some tips with us for getting that well healed look and choose a quality pair of shoes.

The shoe is a dress you’re walking ON for the whole day, it can really affect the health of your feet, knees, back and all the way up the spine. I really can feel the difference when I wear a handcrafted quality shoe with its natural breathable materials and soft artisan touch. Once you experience that feeling you never want to go back to mass market, this is how it is. And at the end of the day, you spend the same amount of money because a high-end shoe will last you longer, will maintain its shape and comfort though years.

That’s why I always invested in my shoes rather than in apparel, where fashion changes much faster and comfort can be sacrificed sometimes.


Here are some tips for ladies looking forward to their next pair of shoes:


Choose the right Design matching your personality and don’t be afraid to experiment.

A shoe is an accessory which can be worn in contrast with all the rest of your outfit. Don’t be afraid of experimenting as your footwear shouldn’t necessarily match with colours and style of the rest of your clothes. Play with bright colours, prints, shiny materials, design heels and accessories. When you choose a pair of shoes try to think that you’re choosing a jewellery for your feet, don’t be afraid of being noticed. And, of course, a very important part of every shoe is its shape, this is what makes the whole look so special. Choosing the right shoe shape will help you to leverage your natural foot beauty and sensuality.


High Quality & Comfort: I’ve always invested in shoes rather than in high-end apparel.

1. How to choose high quality materials:

I would suggest to go for natural and soft touch materials, not only outside, but especially inside the shoe. Shoe’s uppers can be made of different materials like silk, velvet, leather, linen etc., but a high-end shoe usually has a goat leather lining as one of the softest, supple and thin leathers to be in direct contact with the foot. Goat skin is usually easy to identify by touch because it feels buttery soft and delicate.


2. Choose the right shoe shape for your feet:

If you have a wide foot, you’d better go for an open, round or square toe rather than a pointed one. It doesn’t mean you won’t look elegant anymore, you just need to find the right shoe for you. For ladies with flat feet, I wouldn’t recommend to go for stilettos higher than 7cm (3 inches) and wear them for longer than 3 hours in a row. And remember, that even with a lower heel and the right shape you can still can look amazing and feminine.

3. Go for leather sole and cushioning shoes.

The pressure placed on the ball of you foot is as a result of wearing heels. Heels with cushioning and padding makes wearing them easier and more comfortable. Usually high-end shoes have an invisible cushion under the insole, you can easily feel the difference when you try them on. And I would always suggest to go for a leather sole heels as leather adapts to the way you walk, adding value to comfort, breathability and elegance.

By Maria Bogush founder of M-Duo International Ltd